Advisor in ownership strategy

The daily management of a company often leaves little or no time for thoughts around ownership strategy or the future succession. This can result in missed opportunities when it comes to creating shareholder value or to demonstrating the company’s hidden values and potential to prospective buyers when such situations arise.

This is where Livingstone comes into play – as an independent advisor and discussion partner in long-term ownership planning. Our goal is to serve as a sounding board and partner. This can include everything from discussing your opportunities in a growth strategy, market positioning and value chain positioning to advising on acquisitions or, perhaps most importantly, the sale of the company itself.

At Livingstone, we start our analysis by looking at the company’s strategy, opportunities and challenges and subsequently work together with you – the company’s owner – to analyse the possibilities of the company in relation to your goals and ownership horizon, and then discuss a strategic development plan. Our extensive experience of these types of issues and situations enables us to provide an outside perspective on how you as an owner can take tangible steps to develop your company, while at the same time increasing and highlighting your shareholder value.

At Livingstone, we understand that every situation is unique, but our goal is always the same: to prepare a business and ownership strategy – based on the conditions and ambitions of the company – that results in a successful future development.