Sainsbury’s merger talks with Asda sends shockwaves through the retail industry

Simon Cope-Thompson | May 2018

Sainsbury's merger with Asda sends shockwaves through the retail industry

The recent news that Sainsbury’s is in merger talks with ASDA sent shockwaves through the retail industry. The tie-up, which would make the UK’s biggest retailer, sparked talk of further consolidation in the market as businesses look to keep their footing in an increasingly competitive industry.

With this dynamic backdrop, Simon Cope-Thompson, Partner at Livingstone, spoke with City AM about the latest developments. He argues that established retailers like Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Tesco are being forced to take decisive action to compete against the combined, and growing, threat of Amazon and the new wave of discount-led stores like Lidl and Aldi. In fact, his argument was especially relevant given the news that Amazon had looked to hold acquisition talks with Waitrose last year.

Read Simon’s comments, and more on M&A in the retail industry, in City AM here.



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