As industrial processes and technologies have become more complex, so the installation and maintenance of facilities has become an increasingly critical service. Ensuring that plants operate safely and efficiently minimises downtime and defects, keeping customers happy and protecting margins.

The desire to avoid substantial capital expenditures and maintain existing assets, as well as changing environmental legislation and other regulations, can also create attractive opportunities for rental and maintenance/retro-fit companies.

All these factors have resulted in an attractive environment for businesses operating in the industrial services sector. In addition, long-term contracts and recurring revenues provide a predictability of earnings that is attractive to both trade acquirers and private equity investors.

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Nick Offord, Managing Director

I thank the Livingstone team for their support throughout this process. Their sensitive approach to steering this transaction to a mutually satisfactory conclusion has ensured that we, as a management team, and our investors have a secure platform for the future growth of the business.